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TN111K Premium timer-One 2-prong outlet
TN311K Heavy Duty Premium timer-one grounded outlet TN311K
TN811K Basic Timer-one 2-prong outlet TN811K
TN812K Basic Timer-two 2-Prong outlet TN812K
TN211K Heavy Duty Timer - one grounded outlet TN211K
TN212K Heavy Duty Timer - two grounded outlets TN212K
HB51K Outdoor timer - Two grounded outlets HB51K
HB35K Outdoor timer - two grounded outlets HB35K
HB31K Outdoor timer - two grounded outlets HB31K
HB11K Outdoor timer - one grounded outlet HB11K
HB1116K Outdoor timer - six grounded outlets HB1116K

Intermatic is here to help with your holiday decorating!

If you have not yet started decorating for the holidays, you will be soon. Don’t get stuck out in the cold any longer than it takes to hang your lights! With the addition of Intermatic timers to your holiday lighting you will have the option to control when they come on and when they shut off. Not only is it a convenience to you, it will add savings to your energy costs.

When you purchase select Indoor & Outdoor Plug-In Timers listed under Featured Products and Hot Buys you can enjoy 30% OFF regular price plus FREE SHIPPING only on the Intermatic Store. Now through December 12th. Happy Holidays!

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